Literatrue Club - Enhancing reading - creative writing to students

Our Literature Club is an addition to our Math and English program to prevent summer brain drain.

As you might already know Critical Thinking, Math, and Reading are the best ways to prevent brain loss.

It is important to keep your children engaged and active during summer and also get ready for the coming school year.

To help our students to enjoy summer while keeping their brains fit we decided to add our new

Literature Club to our well-proven Math/English program.

We are providing an enriched literature club program for children ages 7~13 during the summer.


Please, note that Eye Level Classes can be individually added before or after our Literature Club hours.

Our 10 session coupon gives you the flexibilty to choose the day and week for your child so that your

child is still able to enjoy summer with family and friends.

Details on pricing can be  directly asked at the center.


A happy Summer Time with your familiy

wishes you

your Eye Level Ashburn South Center